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We rent and install simultaneous interpretation equipment, discussion and voting systems, video systems and audio equipment, and can arrange live streaming; during the event, our technicians will make sure that the event organisers won’t have to worry about technical issues.

simultaneousWe hire out Bosch digital simultaneous interpretation equipment, which meets the requirements of the Directorate-General for Interpretation of the European Commission and ISO 4043. We have equipment for both small conferences and large conferences with several thousand participants. During the event, our qualified technical staff manages the simultaneous interpretation equipment. We have extensive experience – our staff has equipped and serviced key NATO meetings in Lithuania, events hosted by Interpol, Vilnius Energy Security, UNESCO and the EU Presidency, and many other important gatherings. We can recommend experienced simultaneous interpreters. We can transport, install and service the equipment throughout Lithuania and abroad.

What do you need to know when hiring simultaneous interpretation equipment?

  • The date, place and time of the event.
  • The number of participants.
  • The number of translation languages.
  • Whether the venue has audio equipment.

discussionA discussion microphone system is indispensable when the meeting or sitting is being held in a room that has poor acoustics, echoes or is simply very large, when there are a lot of speakers and discussions, when the speakers speak quietly or vaguely, or when a high-quality recording of the conversation is needed.

The microphones are mounted on flexible stands, so multiple people can use the same microphone when needed. Each microphone unit also has a speaker. The system can have a chairperson unit with a priority key and a gong. All of the units are interconnected by a single wire, one after the other. For events where wired microphones are inconvenient, we can offer wireless discussion microphones. You can connect a headset to the discussion microphone and listen to the original or translation languages.

projectorWe adjust the screen size and projector capacity to the chosen venue. We rent modern laser projectors for high quality images. If the presenters wish, we can install prompters in front of the rostrum or table that show the same image as on the big screen. If needed, we can set a timer on the prompter or on a different monitor which shows how much time the speaker has left. We also have smart rostrums with integrated monitors that can display information about the speaker or other visual material.

We rent prompter and timer video systems at events.

If you have ideas but don’t know how to implement them or don’t have the right equipment, contact us – we’ll help you find the right solution.

Video equipment for rental:

  • Various multimedia projectors;
  • Laser projectors;
  • LCD monitors and prompters in various sizes;
  • Timer systems;
  • Rostrum with integrated monitor;
  • Portable tripod screens in various sizes;
  • Folding screens with front and rear projections in various sizes;
  • PRO video cameras;
  • Full HD automatic 360-degree camera;
  • Various video signal splitters and switchers;
  • High-definition video consoles;
  • Video operator services;
  • Notebooks for presentations with high image quality.

VotingVoting equipment is indispensable if you want to engage the audience in the material being taught, promptly find out their opinion on one issue or another, or organise a quick test/exam to assess whether the subject being taught was learned well.

How does a wireless voting system work? The lecturer comes up with questions and prepares answer options. After reading the question, each person in the audience chooses one of the answers and presses the corresponding button on the wireless voting unit. The selected option is sent to the base station, where all of the votes are processed. The voting results are presented as a PowerPoint slide. This happens instantly, as soon as the voting time is up.

The voting system can be used for:

  • Conferences;
  • Seminars;
  • Training;
  • Elections;
  • Opinion polls;
  • TV shows;
  • Tests or exams.

We can film and live stream conferences and other events. We broadcast the events in the original and translation languages. The live events are streamed on the customer’s website or on public websites (YouTube, Facebook, European Commission, etc.). We record live streaming videos and provide viewer statistics for the broadcast. In addition to public live streaming, we can also broadcast to closed groups. For example, we can arrange live streaming from an operating room to a classroom, where the surgeon performing the operation can be asked questions in real time.

We are ready to implement even the most complex and unconventional solutions. The streaming can be viewed on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Tour guide systems ensure excellent sound quality throughout the tour. Tour groups no longer have to crowd around the guide to hear what he or she is saying. Participants can focus on the exhibit, and the tour guide system will ensure that they hear every word that the guide says. Another benefit of using the system is the ability to work with guides in multiple language simultaneously. Since each person hears the guide through a headset, a mixed-language group can listen to different guides at the same time. A typical tour guide system consists of a wireless transmitter with a microphone for the guide, as well as wireless receivers for the participants.

We rent professional, H.323-compatible video conferencing equipment from Polycom and Lifesize. 10 or more remote participants can participate in the video conference. We can also record the video conference. If needed, we can arrange teleconferences (no video, just audio).

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